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Where to Get Surgery Free Liposuction

8/19 10:57:29

There are those countries that have tapped into the potential of surgery free liposuction. This is through different technologies that have made this possible. However, the U.S has not yet gone this direction and has not unveiled the surgery free liposuction procedures yet. One the most popular procedures that can be used to reduce the fat under the skin are the ultrasound technology. It has been seen to work well in countries like the U.K and Australia. These are great places where people can expect a procedure that will not involve invasive surgery that is often undesired. This article gives an overview about t this technology.

How It Works

The ultrasound-based technology is called Ultrashape and it has hit the market with a big bang experiencing dramatic success in the countries that have launched it. This surgery free liposuction involves several things that include the following. It is able to break down fat cells. It is also able to reshape the body without the surgery or the use of anaesthesia or needles. If you like, you can call it a break through surgery free liposuction possibility that has made a world of difference to the lives of many. When you are looking to get free liposuction, it will be helpful to look in this direction.

This technology or procedure called the Ultrashape will work by releasing or emitting very powerful waves. The powerful ultrasound energy waves will move through the skin tissue to break down fat cells. This will happen without causing any damage to any surrounding skin tissue delivering results. The surgery free liposuction will not cause pain. However, there are those who report certain sensations but, you can be sure that there is no pain to worry about. The version of this surgery free liposuction is due to be launched in the U.S by the year 2011. One of the main focuses of such technology is safety for users and this is definitely the priority.

LipoSonix is the name of the technology due to be launched and it is a surgery free liposuction procedure that is no-invasive. Those who will have it will require a series of treatments before they start to experience real change. When the fat cells that are trapped are broken down, they will be eliminated through the lymphatic system. This is a very promising surgery free liposuction and many look forward to it. Until the FDA approves this procedure, Americans might have to look for intervention overseas.

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