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There is No Single Best Cure for Cellulite

8/19 10:57:28

One of the most hated words in the English language must be cellulite. No one likes it and no one wants it on their body. And no one, not even super models, can escape having to fight against it. That’s why the search for the best cure for cellulite has been going on for so long. And it is big business. Consumers are estimated to spend about $100 million a year on cellulite removal. And this does not count the money spent on gym memberships which must run into billions. So what is the best cure for cellulite? The answer to that perennial question is that there are many ways to fight cellulite. Some are better than others and the one that works best for you is the best cure for cellulite. Try out the things mentioned in the cellulite cure guide below and you will soon see a noticeable difference in the way you look.

Five Ways To Beat Cellulite

The absolute best cure for cellulite is diet control. Reducing the amount of fatty foods you consume and increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great beginning. Taking vitamin A, C and E supplements will help to retain your skin tone so that it does not sag or look sallow as your cellulite drops away. Exercise along with your diet control will make this “best cure for cellulite” even better. Toning up your muscles will keep your body looking firm and fit. Remember the more muscle you have, the less cellulite there will be.

Another thing you need to do as part of your best cure for cellulite package is to drink lots of water – at least 8 glasses of it a day. The water will flush the impurities that clog up your metabolism out of your system, making it easier for your body to get rid of cellulite. Water will also fill up your stomach and reduce your hunger, so you will eat less.

Getting regular massages are also very helpful. Because of the cost and time involved, it may not be fair to consider this as one of the best cures for cellulite, but the massage compresses and also loosens the cellulite deposits under the skin. The blood circulation is also improved which helps in the removal of the cellulite.

Akin to massage but done with the use of special machines is endermologie. The machine performs rolling and suction actions on specific parts of the body to break the fats cells which are then removed from the body as waste.

And finally there are the cellulite creams. These are applied to the skin and are absorbed. The creams break open and loosen the cellulite cells under the skin which are then removed naturally.

So while there may be no single best cure for cellulite, using the right combination of options listed here can produce great results. Remember that each person’s metabolism is different and you will have to experiment to find the balance of diet, exercise, massage and creams that together makes up the best cure for cellulite for you.

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