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A Few Important Facts Related to Ultrasonic Liposuction

8/19 10:57:03

Ultrasonic liposuction (UL) is a special procedure that makes use of sound waves that in turn need to be very high pitched so as to make your fat turn into liquid form after which this liquefied fat can easily be removed. Ultrasonic liposuction is also a form of liposuction that helps in removing fat that is hard to treat by normal means, and it is also well suited for application in places such as the cheeks, chin, knees, neck, ankles and calves. In most cases use of ultrasonic liposuction is done to complement tumescent liposuction that together ensures that the doctor is able to contour the body more precisely.

Tumescent Liquefied Substance

Ultrasonic liposuction begins with the doctor injecting some tumescent liquefied substance that contains some anesthetic and salt-water solution as well as epinephrine. This liquid is injected into the affected area where the ultrasonic liposuction is to be performed and the main purpose of the liquid is to stop any loss of fluid during the fat removal process and in addition the liquid helps to facilitate easier removal of the fatty deposits.

The process of ultrasonic liposuction requires that sound waves of very high pitch be produced and which need to also be transmitted to a cannula that is thin and vacuum-like tube which comes into contact with the fatty cells which quickly liquefies and then is easily removed with the help of a suction process.

People that get ultrasonic liposuction done will generally benefit in a number of ways including being able to easily have their unwanted fat removed and this procedure also ensures that the instruments are able to reach and also treat the dense fatty deposits which can then be suctioned out in large volumes. Ultrasonic liposuction also helps to tighten the patient’s skin and it is therefore a good alternative to getting a tummy tuck or even a body lift.

There are unfortunately a few ultrasonic liposuction risks that you will have to learn about before deciding to undergo this particular form of liposuction and one major risk is getting burnt or having blisters form on the skin and in addition you also risk developing scars on your skin. However, ultrasonic liposuction can be used on virtually every part of the body though it must also be said that this form of liposuction works the best wherever need for more precise treatment is required.

Ultrasonic assisted liposuction is a very common cosmetic treatment procedure that has been tried out with considerable success on thousands of American patients. In order to get this form of liposuction done on your body it is necessary that you are in fit and enjoys good health which ensures that there will not be any problem as far as proper and timely healing post the operation goes.

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