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Sources Of Cheap Hcg – Are They Worth It?

8/19 10:45:24

If you do an Internet search on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine, you will have no problem finding websites that are willing and eager to sell you cheap HCG. But "cheap" does not always mean "inexpensive."

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What They Really Offer

At or near the top of search results with this term are websites proclaiming cut-rate products from Mexico, and full HCG kits that include syringes without a prescription.

Unless you want agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency beating down your door, avoid such offers at all costs. In the U.S., you cannot legally obtain syringes without a valid doctor's prescription unless you are a licensed M.D. Period.

This said, there are a few U.S. clinics where HCG injections are used for weight loss treatments. These clinics charge an enormous amount for their services, which are not likely to be covered under most "insurance" plans.  Besides that, there is the time and trouble of taking injections three times a day. Injectable HCG is neither pre-mixed nor pre-measured, and needle sticks can get painful very quickly.

Why HCG Drops Are Better

First of all, in most states there are no laws that prohibit you from ordering HCG drops. While it is true that the FDA has not approved HCG as a weight loss treatment, the fact is that the FDA has not approved many medications for "off-label" use. Yet it is a very common and safe practice among those in the medical profession. For example, if your family doctor has ever recommended that you take aspirin as a blood thinner or for a heart condition, this is an example of "off-label" use that is today widely accepted.

HCG has long been approved for use as a fertility drug to increase the production of eggs in women and testosterone in men. Used as a weight loss remedy does constitute off-label use, but that makes it no less safe and effective.

Where To Go

When it comes to "cheap" HCG, your best bet is to do some comparison shopping and investigate your sources thoroughly. The best HCG is made in regulated U.S. labs by qualified, trained professionals. You'll also find that the cost of HCG drops can vary a great deal, from as low as $25 to over $100. Due diligence is the key, educating yourself and staying savvy to find the best deals on HCG drops.

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