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Paleo Diet Weight Loss – The Failure Rate Is High!

8/19 10:41:34

I used to wonder incessantly about Paleo diet weight loss method. Is it effective as they say?
Well, here's my story…

I adopted the Paleo diet 7 months ago. Before using this diet, my body fat level was pretty high – hovering between 22 to 24% (hard to determine the exact percentage as I was only using a standard body fat caliper).

See, I was dying to have a set of rock solid abs like those cover models on Men's Health magazine. I was tired of having my gut rolling over my jeans every time I sat down. So, I discovered the caveman diet through an acquaintance.

I did a little research on Paleolithic meal plans and came to the conclusion that this diet is certainly worth a try. So, 7 months later…

And what's my Paleo Diet weight loss result so far?

The result has been great! Okay, okay, "the rock solid abs" hasn't appeared yet but that's because I've been slacking off a bit when it comes to exercising. However my body fat percentage has been slashed to about 13% or so!

Although my abdominals aren't visible yet, my tummy has flattened so when I sit down, my gut is not rolling over my pants anymore!

But there's something you should know before embarking on this diet….
The failure rate is extremely high!

At first, I wanted to abandon this diet because Palo diet foods taste horribly bland! Sure you can cheat by adding processed ingredients, but if you want optimal Paleo diet weight loss result, then you must absolutely minimize cheating.

Anyway, just when I was about to surrender, I came across a large collection of Paleo cookbooks and the recipes in there was so good, it gave me longevity. Now, I'm staying put with this healthy diet so I can get even better Paleo diet weight loss result.

By the way, if you're interested in downloading those cookbooks to keep your Paleo diet weight loss in check, follow this link: http://www.paleorecipecookbooks.info/

There are more than 300 tasty recipes in those books so that ought to make you stick with this healthy diet.

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