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How to Lose Weight – 5 Easy Steps on How to Lose Weight

8/19 10:35:35

It seems everyone has their own fat loss advice, but in reality, very few people really know how to lose weight.  Most of what people think they know is total bull put out by the supplement and diet industry to keep you AND their wallets fat.  Here are 5, true, easy steps on how to lose weight.


1. Never Drink Your Calories


It is simply way too easy to consume too many bad calories when you drink sugary sodas and coffee drinks.  Thankfully, there are plenty of sugar-free, calorie-free alternatives.  If you really want to know how to lose weight, cut out the liquid calories.  Your waistline will thank you within weeks.


2. Steam, Boil, Bake, and Sautee


There are a lot of cooking methods out there, but the best ones for how to lose weight involve relatively little cooking fat.  These four methods will allow you to put maximum flavor into your meats and veggies without adding huge amounts of oil or butter.


3. Keep your Body Fueled


One of the worst things people who don't know how to lose weight do is to starve themselves.  These are usually the people who lose a few pounds and then shoot right back up, fatter than where they started.  Eat several small meals per day to keep your body burning fat gradually and permanently.


4. Breakfast like a King, Dinner like a Pauper


You may have heard this before, and it applies perfectly to people learning how to lose weight.  Your breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day because your body has all day to use the calories for fuel.  You dinner should be the lightest because you are going to sleep soon.


5. Avoid Supplements


Certain powders and meal replacements have their place in a busy person's life, but one of the best tips on how to lose weight is to avoid most "diet" products as much as possible.  Focusing on whole, fresh foods will help you progress far more than any cheap gimmick or convenience food.

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