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Special Diet – Advice On A Gluten Free Diet

8/19 10:28:56

There are many ways that you can incorporate a gluten-free special diet into your lifestyle and still enjoy the foods that you eat.  While many people are required to eat a gluten-free diet by medical necessity, others simply believe that eating no gluten in their meals actually provides other benefits and stick to such a diet by choice.  The only difference between these two groups is that one of them needs to be much more careful than the other because a slip up can be more costly.  But both groups can benefit from advice on how to stick to a no gluten special diet in today's world.


It can be a difficult task to avoid products that contain wheat because wheat products and gluten are far more widespread than you might at first imagine. It is not until you start to really think about what products contain and to examine all the different ingredients that you find out how common wheat products are. To help you out with this task, we will explore several ways of making sure you eat only foods which are free from gluten here.


First, make sure you prepare the vast majority of your meals at home.  Since this is very time consuming, you may want to prepare many of your meals in advance so that they can be warmed up in the microwave whenever you need them.  Making your food yourself is the very best way of making sure that you are only going to be eating gluten free foods.  You will want to stock up on plenty of rice, fruit, potatoes, and fresh vegetables.  Fresh meats such as beef, pork, chicken, and fish are also great additions to your diet; just make sure they are not breaded.


Second, pay careful attention when shopping for food.  Sometimes, gluten can make it's way into your ingredients without you knowing about it.  For example, avoid anything that has malt ingredients, such as malt flavouring or malt vinegar.  Caramel colouring is also often made with malt, so it's best to avoid it.  Avoid oats that are rolled in flour, hydrolyzed vegetable protein or plant protein, or modified food starch.  Also avoid candy that is processed in the same assembly line as other flour products, or soups that use thickening agents like wheat flour.


Third, find out what restaurants have gluten free options for their customers.  If you're not sure if a certain restaurant has a gluten free option for your special diet, ask one of the servers or a cashier.  If you can't get an answer, avoid eating at that restaurant.  Many common restaurant chains have at least one or two menu choices that are gluten free for customers that require it.  These include Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, Outback Steak House, Wendy's, Subway, and Chili's.


If you pay special attention to what you eat by making your own food, checking your ingredients scrupulously at the grocery store, and selecting restaurants that will cater to your gluten free diet, you'll be able to keep on track and live the no gluten lifestyle happily and healthily.




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