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Hoodia Gordonii And High Blood Pressure – What Are The Risks?

8/19 10:28:39

People might think that Hoodia Gordonii and high blood pressure are some kind of a cause and effect thing. But contrary to what most people think, it is not the usual case. Well, it is not what the real honest to goodness kind of manufacturers want to happen. Take note that controversies always accompany with popularity. Just like any other celebrity product that has its loyal consumers, there are also critics that are more than willing to take a shot at the product that causes so much hype.  The entire negative issues still has to be thought of rather wisely instead of just swatting away each negativity with any answer that comes to mind.


One of the negative issues that is thrown at the Hoodia product is the controversy of containing fillers or other active ingredients that act as stimulants. Hoodia products should contain only pure Hoodia extract and nothing else. Some companies add fillers in order to maximize the use of the extract by making more products which means more return on investment. This is because the Hoodia Gordonii extract does not come cheap at all. It is the consumer's responsibility to check first before taking any Hoodia products and to purchase it from reputable companies that do not add fillers to their products.


Aside from those filler issues, another concerns being raised is the risk that this product might bring to your health. So, what are the risks that one faces when taking the Hoodia Gordonii? There are a few certain factors that are considered high risks when taking the Hoodia. First, people diagnosed with diabetes are not supposed to take the supplement because the Hoodia masks hunger by copying the signal that glucose sends to the brain telling you that you are full when in fact you are not. It is losing ones appetite literally but not supplementing the body with the right glucose levels that the body needs. People with diabetes might not be aware that their glucose levels are real low only when it is a bit too late.


Other so called food supplements torch down fat by putting your body into overdrive to burn more calories. That means all physical signs go up and that goes for your blood pressure as well since your heart beats at a faster rate. That is why they say the Hoodia Gordonii and high blood pressure are related.


Other practical risks are if the person is allergic to plants extracts or any other botanical products, if you are pregnant, or breastfeeding. Other risks that are associated with the Hoodia Gordonii are in correlation with its predecessors in the industry. Other adverse effects are yet to be proven scientifically so it is wise not to ingest the product unless you have consulted it with a physician. As long as the products you are taking have no added fillers, then there is nothing to worry. You can be certain that It is safe to take Hoodia Gordonii and high blood pressure is certainly would not be experienced afterwards.


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