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30 days to a great beach body(2nd part)

8/19 10:17:51

2nd part


 Read here 1st part:30 DAYS TO AN IMPRESSIVE BEACH BODY(1)

4. Increase your protein intake from fat-free,premium quality sources.
Protein will act beneficially if you follow strict diet/exercice regimes and the reasons for this are:

-protein mobilizes well the satiation mechanisms.The feeling of satiety is both quick and long .

- it protects your precious muscle mass which suffers a two-front attack:

*the first front is the oligocaloric diet

*and the second is the necessary emphasis on aerobic activities

-finally protein has the biggest energy cost,which means it needs more calories to be metabolized and used in relation to the other macronutrients.


5. Caloric intake from fats should be limited to no more than 12-15% of the total.

What kind of fats?

Those fats that will more efficiently support your efforts:the monounsaturated and the omega-3 polyunsaturated ones.

Of course you will receive through your diet some saturated and omega-6 fats but this is not a problem.

The problem lies with tht trans-fats.While you are on this special regime you should avoid them at all costs. Thus you had better forget all refined,processed,packaged and massively produced foods.


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6. Water:


 During this short,demanding period you must drink so much water that your toilet should get sick and tired of you.Or if you prefer until it comes out of your ears!


Physical exercise


1 . If you need to lose a lot of fat, physical exercise is imperative!

 Is there any kind of pill,potion or magic powder to replace it?

  Alhtough I hate it ,I will dissapoint you!

  The answer is a sky-high NO!!


 But how much exercise?  This is not an easy question to answer.It depends on your fitness level!


The best thing you can do is to do as much as your body can comfortably accommodate without running the risk of overtraining or getting injured.



 In the 3rd part we will speak about physical exercise in detail


End of 2nd part


  Chris Strogilis



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