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4 Foods that Help You in Losing Weight

8/19 10:17:49

Maybe the so-called 'experts' always advised you to starve in <a href="http://howtodiet-shining.blogspot.com">losing weight</a>. You'll be able to lose weight by eating certain foods. And I have the special foods that not contain any special metabolism-boosting chemicals that will help you with <a href="http://www.squidoo.com/dieteasily">quick weight loss</a>.

Your body needs to burn a lot of calories in order to digest these 'special' foods. If your body burn more calories, the faster you lose weight!

During middle age, a person's metabolic rate becomes low; hence he is not able to burn as much fat as he used to during his youth. Eating these 'special' foods is a good way to boost your metabolic rate! In this article I will tell you about some of these foods:

1.    Green Tea
Go green! Ordinary tea is not bad, but green tea is better! It contains fat burning chemicals which will help you in losing weight. It is no wonder that many of the weight loss supplements available in the market have green tea as a common ingredient!

2.    Peanut butter
Unlike the ordinary butter? You can try peanut butter that  rich in protein and fiber. Protein will help you burn fat by building lean muscle and fiber will help in suppressing your appetite for a long time. You can use it as breakfast and combined it with wholegrain wheat!

3.    Almond
Almond is rich in fatty acids and protein.  Almond helps you burn fat by boosting your metabolic rate!

4.    Beans
Beans make for a great appetite supplement. Because they are rich in fiber, they help to keep your stomach full for a long time help you to stay away from unnecessary snack.

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