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Food Lesson 101: Your BBQ Survival Guide

8/19 10:17:35

Food Lesson 101: Your BBQ Survival Guide

How to Side-Step Diet Sabotage: Healthy Recipe Make-overs Made Easy

The Problem

Have you ever noticed  every year it is the same thing over and over again. First, the big New Year's resolution is made to "get in better shape," to start eating better, change your lifestyle for good this year. Then a short time later the goal is abandoned. then, "bathing suit season" rebirths fitness loyalty only to be attacked by backyard barbecues. We reach football season looking more like a linebacker and some how we loose are tight end.

Don't get me wrong we have to attend our get-togethers and stay social thats very important to balance and happiness in life and it's no fun to say no to all of our social events. Non-fitness and healthy oriented people don't understand how "one day will make a difference," but I know you do.

Not only does becoming a food snob bring ridicule, but it certainly won't help make any new friends and it's not any fun. If this is your thinking that is not always true. You can still stay healthy and fit and be even happier in life if you choose.

The Solution

Instead of snubbing burgers and side dishes, why not bring some of your own? You don'y have to announce your dishes health superiority either (nobody likes that person). So bring things unannounced and enjoy!

Bringing seasoned burgers stuffed with veggies and mushrooms will make heads turn and taste buds dance. Skip the cheese and use half a bun. These little prepared strategies will save you hundreds of calories.

Chips and dip are always tempting, but they are packed with unforgiving  "hip wideners!" Try skipping the dipping and load up on the veggie tray. Mix a tablespoon of gaucamole with spicy salsa to use for your dip. The gaucomole is full of nutrients and healthy fats, just be sure not to over do it. A tablespoon and ladle are very different. This is where your will power and portion control are key!

Side dishes are a toughie for sure. There are very few good things to say about macaroni and potato salad. Try to make a healthy coleslaw  dish loaded with mostly cabbage versus globs of mayo. If anyone asks why you didn't grab grandma's famous fat-back pork and beans, you can tell them while you're running out of the room and will hit it later if you aren't too full, which you will be I promise.

Stay Away from Roadblocks

Don't hang out in the kitchen or at the food table the whole time when your done excuse yourself! If you do, you will not be happy with the end result that is where mindless eating occurs. You won't even realize you are picking at the cheese tray. Instead, suggest heading outside or sitting in the living room.

Once you side-step the temptation of fatty foods, be sure not to fall in the pit of alchohol's empty calories. It is easy to turn "I'll just have one," into "I"ll just have one more."

If it is a 'beer only' crowd  and water is not an option, grab a light beer, but don't keep it in your hand. Keep it on the table to pace yourself so you only consume one. And, if anyone asks where your beer is you have an answer.

Another option is volunteer to be the designated driver. This way you can keep the calories off your hips, get everyone home safely, and have a win-win system in place so you won't feel guilty and have long-term success. Good luck and enjoy your Backyard barbecues! Have a healthy and happy day!

By, Natalie Pyles

Health and Fitness Expert, Nutrition Specialist, Author, & NSA Speaker

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