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Reduce Tummy Weight - 3 Steps to Reducing Tummy Weight!

8/19 10:16:57

To reduce tummy weight with lightning-like speed, you've got to rev up your metabolism. I'm about to supply you with the same exact three steps I personally used to get my metabolism nice and high. The result of this metabolic boost was a weight loss of 65 pounds in less than 4 months!

The average weight loss that people who follow these steps are able to enjoy is approximately 9 pounds every 11 to 14 days! This is a repeatable formula. It's not a diet where you lose some initial weight and then nothing. You can lose 9 pounds EVERY 11 to 14 days you spend adhering to these steps. It's like magic.

You can reduce tummy weight even faster with some light aerobic exercise, but by no means is any exercise required for these 3 steps to work for you! In addition, no starvation of any kind is involved here. It's simply a matter of eating the right kinds of foods at the right intervals. I will explain.

Reduce Tummy Weight - 3 Steps To Reducing Tummy Weight:

1.Eat right for 11 days! We're talking good, healthy, natural food here. Lean meats, whole grains, fresh fruits & vegetables... these are the types of foods you will be eating. You will create an 11 day diet menu incorporating these kinds of metabolism-stoking foods. This menu will have you enjoying four delicious meals a day, so you'll never feel deprived. Eat until you're satisfied, but not stuffed. For the entire 11 days, your metabolism will be white hot, melting fat off your body like a furnace! But it will begin to plateau on about the 11th day, which is why you'll want to move ahead to step 2...

2.You deserve a break today, and tomorrow, and the next day! This is most people's favorite part of this diet. I am no exception. It's where you actually get to stop dieting for three whole days! Eat whatever you want. Your metabolism will still be high enough to keep you from packing the pounds back on. This step is critical in resetting your metabolism so you can experience the same powerful weight reduction over the course of your next 11 days on the diet as you did during the previous 11. When these three sinful days are up, move ahead to step 3...

3.Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you've reached your weight loss goal!

This is how to reduce tummy weight in a truly enjoyable way! I don't know of any other weight loss plan that allows you to take three days off after every 11 day stretch. This one virtually requires it! How awesome is that?

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