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The Every Other Day Diet - Why Stress and Fear Lead To Diet Disasters

8/19 10:16:41

The Every Other Day Diet - Why Stress and Fear Lead To Diet Disasters

Think back on the last diet you went on, what parts of the diet made you quit? If you followed a low carb diet there is no doubt you missed eating those comfort foods. Low carb diets also make you feel weak and jittery since carbohydrates are a vital source for energy. If you were a bit more desperate maybe you went with something extreme like the cabbage soup diet. All of these diets are what I like to call "temporary diets". I call them this because no one is able to go on them for the long term, most people get right back on their old eating habits.

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These types of diets cause two things: stress and fear. The stress causes you to be constantly worried about buying the right foods for your diet, having to throw away old food or having to completely change your lifestyle just to lose the weight. They also cause fear because people are so afraid of cheating on their diet. If they do cheat, they get an intense feeling of guilt and shame that they did not have the "will power" to go through with the diet. But think about it, was it really your will power to blame or was the diet just too restrictive to begin with? The first thing you should do when looking for a diet is read the outline of it and ask yourself "will these guidelines stress me out or make me fear?".

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People focus too much on trying to lose weight fast that they do not think about how they will keep it off. If you go on a low carb, low fat, low calorie or extreme diet, you will gain all of the weight right back! Instead of looking for a quick fix, start looking for a balanced. In order to diet in the long run, you need to find a diet that does not invoke fear or stress. This means finding a diet that is not too restrictive, doesn't ban entire foods groups and also doesn't require you to measure food or count calories. These things take the freedom and make you feel like a robot, the key is to make the eating process natural and keep your relationship with food positive.

One diet that I highly recommend is the Every Other Day Diet, it has all of the positive characteristics that were mentioned above and is designed as a long term diet you can live with day in and day out.

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