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Losing weight without diet - Is losing weight without diet possible?

8/19 10:08:06

A diet is nothing more than a temporary reduction in calories and so diets can only produce temporary results. There is no diet that you can stay on for your whole life, because it is physiologically impossible to do so. If you want to lose weight without a diet and do it permanently, then you got to look at other options.

Losing weight without diet

First of all if you want to be successful at losing weight, then you need to change your whole attitude towards nutrition and exercise. So instead of temporary diets, you should focus on lifelong habits. People have a habit of going on diets all the time to lose weight, but this is a bad habit that does not work. Instead of this people should adopt new exercise and nutritional habits, that they can follow for the rest of their lives, not just for a few weeks or few months.

The second very important factor, to lose weight without a diet, is maintaining your muscle mass. People have no idea how important muscle is, when it comes to FAT loss, not weight loss. Because when you are on a diet, then you lose fat obviously, but also muscle mass. The reason why muscle is so important, is because it takes a lot of calories to maintain muscle. So when you are on a diet and you lose 20 pounds and 8 pounds of that is muscle, then your body burns much less calories, making it harder for you to lose fat in the future. The more muscle you have, the more calories you also burn with each workout.

Very often the problem is that people use a very severe calorie reduction to lose weight, but this is very counter productive. If you reduce your calories too much and too fast, then your body goes into the starvation mode, which means it starts to hold on to your fat deposits. The more severe your calorie reduction is, the harder your body holds on to your fat. Another problem that happens, when people do that, is the loss in muscle mass. As I said before, muscle is very important. So it is much better to use a small calorie deficit, by increasing your activity, reducing calories, or doing both. As you can see losing weight without a diet, is the only way to lose weight.

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