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Turbulence Training - The Best Mens Exercise Program for Rapid Weight Loss!

8/19 10:07:56

Turbulence Training - The Best Men's Exercise Program for Rapid Weight Loss!

Get In Shape Exercising Only 2 Hours a Week

If you are looking to get in shape, you most likely have looked around at fitness magazines that tell you to do the classic "90 minutes of cardio 6 times a week". But the reality is no one has time do dedicate 8 hours or more per week at the gym! We are all way too busy with work, our kids etc.

When trying to get in shape fast, the best way to go is with short-burst strength training exercises. Turbulence Training is a great example of these types of exercises. The program was put together by Craig Ballantyne, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and also holds a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology. Craig is living proof that short-high intensity training is the fastest way to lose fat. Long-duration cardio has one main setback. It is that it only burns fat as long as you are doing them.

On the contrary, short-burst exercises continue to burn fat up to 24 hours after the exercise is completed. On top of that long-duration cardio burns fat, while short-burst exercises burn carbohydrates, which make it harder for your body to store fat. The reason most workout regimes don't mention strength training as much is because they do not fully understand it's benefits. Turbulence Training only requires 3 short 45 minute workouts a week, there is no cardio involved which makes it easy for anyone to follow. In the long run, you want your metabolism to stay high at all times which is exactly what programs like Turbulence Training deliver.

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