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The Every Other Day Diet - An Easy to Follow Diet without Counting Carbs!

8/19 10:07:49

The Every Other Day Diet - An Easy to Follow Diet without Counting Carbs!

Lose Weight Dieting Only 3 Days a Week

It is important to know that there is no such thing as "failing" a diet, it's the other way around, the diet fails you. Most people have been on multiple diets throughout their lives, and this is proof in itself that these diets are not meeting our needs. For example low carb diets while wildly popular, people do not fully understand the issues that comes with them. First of all, carbohydrates are a central source for energy, once you cut out carbs, your energy will go downhill fast. This is why most people who go on low carb diets for extended periods of time are constantly sluggish. How are you supposed to go about your life when you have no energy to enjoy it?

On top of that, the reason why people lose weight "so fast" with low carb diet is not because they are losing fat, they are in fact losing water weight. When your diet lacks in carbohydrates, it causes dehydration very quickly, usually within the first 72 hours. If these reasons where not enough to convince you to stay away from low carb diets, there is one more thing you have to put into consideration: going on low carb diets also causes you to lose muscle mass. When this happens, your metabolism goes down and down until eventually it is destroyed altogether and you start gaining more weight. If there is one thing you should not do when trying to lose weight, it's deplete your body of lean muscle mass.

One popular and easy to follow diet that is taking the dieting industry by storm is Jon Benson and Holly Rigsby's "The Every Other Day Diet". Thousands of people who have found this secret gem are joining it every single day. The reason it is so popular is simply because number one it gives people lots of freedom with what they can eat and number two it is simple to figure out. The diet system is simple, you "diet" every other day, meaning 3 days a week you eat classic healthy meals, the other 4 days you eat whatever you want. It doesn't matter if it's cheeseburgers, pizza, pasta, bread or cheesecake; nothing is off limits. Best of all, people are finding it super easy to keep the weight off permanently because there is no need to "cheat" on the diet.

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