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Having trouble finding a fast weight loss diet plan that works?

8/19 10:07:42

One of the main problems that people have, when they are trying to lose weight, is finding useful information from all the disinformation. The truth is that most diets and diet plans are not created so you would be successful with weight loss, but they are created so they would be successful. Finding the best diet plan to lose weight fast is so hard, because such thing does not even exist. People are looking for something that does not exist. There are very good reasons why diet plans in general do not work.

Why is finding a fast weight loss diet plan that works so hard?

A diet is very similar to starvation, in fact they are practically the same thing. For example if you were lost in the wilderness without much food, then your body has to find ways to keep you alive. Survival is the most important task for your body. In these extreme cases like starvation, your body´s starvation mechanisms kick in. Meaning your body has to save energy by burning less calories, it also has to feed of itself to get energy. It would not be a very good thing, if your body would keep burning calories at a very high rate, because otherwise you would die very quickly.

The problem is that these same life saving survival mechanism, that keep you alive during starvation, prevent you from successfully losing weight with diets. Because a diet and starvation are the same thing for your body. All types of diets always sends your body to the starvation levels. So the best diet plan to lose weight fast, is not the best way to lose weight.

But do not understand what diets really are and why thy never work. Nobody wants to do their homework, instead they look for magic diets to solve all their problems. I am sure people would be much more successful in losing weight, if they just did a bit of simple homework.

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