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Quick weight loss tips for teenagers

8/19 10:07:41

It would be really great if someone told you a few tips about weight loss and then you would automatically lose weight. But weight loss tips can only lead you to the right direction, they by themselves, are not enough. For teens the most important part is the beginning and once they make a good start, then everything else is much easier. In this article I will give you a very simple tips that will help you get started and how to stay highly motivated.

Quick weight loss tips for teens

Set precise goals

When people start a fitness program, then they have very vague reasons, why they decided to start it. Some just want to get a bit leaner, other want to lose weight, some want to lose belly fat etc. But these reasons are not very good, because they are very general. The more precise and specific a goal is the better. What size clothes would you like to wear, how much body fat would you exactly want to lose, what would be your ideal body fat percentage etc.

Set measurable goals

The problem is that, if you only use the scale and the mirror, then you will not get very accurate results. Because the scale does not tell you how much body fat you have lost, it only tells you how much weight you have lost, But weight loss is not fat loss. Of course the mirror can be very tricky, because sometimes you do not see, what is really there. So the best way to get very good feedback, is if you measure your body fat and weigh yourself. Then you know exactly how much body fat you lost.

Have realistic deadlines

We have all seen ads like, "lose 20 pounds in 20 days or 10 pounds in 3 days," but these are not realistic. Because as I mentioned before, weight loss is not fat loss. If you do manage to lose 20 pounds in 20 days, then certainly mot of it is muscle mass and water weight, not fat. If you lose muscle, then your body burns less and less calories, making it very hard to maintain your weight. Fast weight loss always means, that you re-gain your weight sooner or later. For example 1-2 pounds of fat, is very realistic to lose in a week. We are talking about 1-2 of fat not weight and if you manage to do that, then you are making very good progress.

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