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Easy ways for for teenagers to lose weight - How to Take the First Steps

8/19 10:07:41

In this article I will not talk about diets, nutrition and exercises, but I am going to tell you the most important part of weight loss - goal setting. The problem is that people rush too much, when it comes to weight loss. Everyone wants to have the best diet plan and exercise program, but these things are useless if are not able to take action and if you give up when you hit your first obstacle.

Easy ways for for teenagers to lose weight

First of all you need to create very clear and specific goals for yourself. Think about how many pounds exactly would you like to lose, what size clothes would you like to wear, is there someone you would like to look like, what is your ideal body fat percentage etc. General goals, like "I want to lose weight," are not very good because they are general. But a specific and clear goal is personal and if a goal is personal, then it is also highly motivating.

The next step is to write down your goal(s). That is right, you have to write them down on a piece of paper, that way you are more likely to take action. People work the best if they have some deadline. If you write down, that "I am going to lose 35 pounds by Christmas," then for your subconscious it seems like a million years away. With a goal like that and you are not very likely to take action. The key is to write down some goal, like you have already achieved it, "I am so glad that I am..." (your goal).

The last step is to put the piece of paper with your goal on it, somewhere where you can see it every single day. The more you read it and repeat it in your mind, the more motivation it gives you and less likely you are to give up.

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