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An easy way to get rid of belly fat and love handles

8/19 10:07:41

The hardest part of losing belly fat is finding the motivation and desire to exercise and follow a diet plan for long periods. We all know that it is very easy to find the motivation for a short period, but if you want to lose belly fat permanently, then you got to make the commitment to exercise and eat healthy for the rest of your life really. When you go back to your old habits, then you gain all the fat back. But a few simple tips, can keep you highly motivated, for a long time to come.

An easy way to get rid of belly fat and love handles

The first thing that keeps people highly motivated, is if you reward yourself or if someone rewards you. If you know that, you can get a bonus at work if you get something done quicker than other, then this motivates you to work harder. Or if a animal has behaved well, then it gets a small treat from the animal trainer. So every time you accomplish a fat loss goal, then reward yourself with something, like eating pizza. Do what ever you would like to do, because you have earned it. When you start something BIG, like losing belly fat, then at first it seems like mission impossible. This ultimate goal seems so far away. But if you brake this ultimate goal down to small goals and then keep a list of all the little goals you have achieved, then you will notice that you are making very good progress. As time goes on, the list becomes bigger and bigger, so it is very easy to get highly motivated, when you look back at all the small goals, you have already achieve Of course the last thing you always have to do, is to constantly set new goals to go after. If you stop doing that, then you will go backwards. You can never achieve perfection, there is always something new you want to achieve. For example if you wanted to lose 40 pounds of fat and you achieved it, then the next goal could be to build 25 pounds of muscle.
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