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How Does Shifting Calories Help You Lose Weight? Discover the Truth About FatLoss4Idiots!

8/19 10:07:34

In this article we are going to examine how shifting calories differs from more traditional and conventional weight loss programs. Typically, as I'm sure you've already experienced ( most likely MORE than once..:-) diets encourage a straight trade off of caloric consumption versus pounds lost. One pound is equal to 3500 calories, and therefore to lose your target weight becomes a simple mathematical equation. Does this work? I say NO way...and if you look at the diet statistics they certainly bear this out. Depending on who you survey ( and which ones you look at) the BEST success rates for conventional diets are less than 20%, and according to MOST studies...failure rates are pretty consistently at 90% or worse.

What does this mean for you? It's quite simple - a NEW paradigm, and perspective is needed if you TRULY want to experience REAL and lasting changes to your body long term!

How Calorie Shifting is Different

Calorie shifting transfers the focus AWAY from the amount of calories you eat, to WHEN you eat them, and in what sequences and quantities. The focus is on metabolic optimization, food variety and strict sequencing with foods you ALREADY eat and love. It is DEFINETLY a controversial philosophy, and has certainly faced it's fair share of critics from the mainstream dieting establishment. But the important question is - does it work, and how can you verify the results?

The Proof is in the Pudding....

People ARE having tremendous results, there is certainly no dispute there! And fat loss 4 idiots give just about EVERYONE the opportunity to try it for themselves WITHOUT risk, as they simply offer a money back guarantee that's as good as gold for anyone who doesn't benefit. How many conventional calorie counting diets out there do the same? If you've had the experience I've had...I think you'll agree, NOT many!

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