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Cheat Your Way Thin - The Best Diet Secret of All Time?

8/19 10:07:18

Cheat Your Way Thin - The Best Diet Secret of All Time?

Learn About Intermittent Dieting

The Cheat Your Way Thin diet was put together by personal trainer and nutritionist, Joel Marion. Joel has more than 10 years of experience in the diet field and has used his experience to create a diet that is both easy to follow and delivers long term results. The method used for fast weight loss with Cheat Your Way Thin is through calorie manipulation and strategic cheating. Joel teaches that our bodies were not meant to take in a fixed amount of calories on a daily basis. He refers to our "hunter gatherer" past when we would be without food for days, yet our metabolism performance was at it's peak at this point. This happens because our body was designed to go without food for days. Today's modern eating habits of taking roughly the same amount of calories every day is what causes weight gain because your metabolism stays "idle" or "asleep".

Mainstream diets will make your body constantly be in starvation mode from the low and consistent calorie intake. This is your body's own protection mechanism against dying form starvation. Your body will begin to store fat in order to keep you alive. This is the reason dieters always reach what is called the "wall" or "plateau". This is a sign that you are in starvation mode and need to up your calorie intake. Cheat Your Way Thin uses high calorie foods like pizza, cake, cookies etc. as a way to spike up daily calorie intake on assigned days of the week. This will cause your metabolism to constantly burn hot 24 hours a day. Varying your daily calorie intake is the only way to guarantee long term weight loss, otherwise you will always reach the plateau and stop losing weight.

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