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5 Great Tips For A Healthy Teenage Weight Loss

8/19 10:07:01

1. Substitute Unhealthy Snacks With Healthy Snacks
It is a difficult task to choose healthy options while vending machines monopolize the school halls, however it is achievable. Sweet talk your teenager to swap the bag of chips per day with the following healthier snack choices from your home:

Grapes (frozen) Fresh fruits such as strawberries or oranges Capsicum (sliced) Fresh cherry tomatoes Baby carrots Pudding or low fat yogurt Dry biscuits or pretzels Crackers String cheese

2. Eat In Small Portion
A teenage weight loss plan must include eating habit. Encouraging your teenager to eat in small portion and to stop eating when they are full. Consuming just half a plate of spaghettis or a slice of pizza may make them feel full. Sharing a meal is also a good option and any leftovers is best to be taken home.

3. Always Know The Liquid Calories Quantity
A can of soda (12 ounce) has no less than 100 calories plus 10 tsp of sugar. The sugar plus the calories in specialty coffees, fruit juice and other drinks adds up quickly to your calories intake as well. Choosing drinking water as an alternative to sodas and drinks laden with sugar will spare your teenager hundreds of superfluous calories.

4. Permit Special Treats
Occasionally, having pizza late at night with friends or having nachos at the mall shall be permitted in the teenage weight loss plan. Propose a breadstick together with marinara sauce as a replacement for garlic bread loaded with cheese and butter or share a snack instead of a full-size order. Make it known to your teenager that they are in control and having an occasional special treat is alright. A style in the direction of healthier behaviors is what really counts.

5. Make Healthy Habits A Family Matter
Make healthy habits a family matter, rather than making only your teenager adopting healthier habits alone. In any case, consuming healthy foods and doing regular exercise will do good to everybody.

Persuade your whole family to consume more veggies, fruits as well as whole grains. The source of whole grains can be from brown rice, whole-wheat bread and oatmeal. You yourself must eat healthy foods to set a good example for your teenager. Avoid buying and stockpiling junk food in your house. Although healthy foods may sometimes be more expensive, it is however a vital investment. From time to time give a try to new recipes or healthier substitutes to your family favorites. Never allow eating food on the couch. This will prevent mindless chewing. Arrange active outings for your family outings, for example walking in the evening or visit your local recreation center during the weekend.

These tips are very useful for a healthy teenage weight loss and you should follow the steps and help your teenager to lose weight.

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