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How Short Burst Exercises Burn Fat for Up to 24 Hours!

8/19 10:06:51

How Short Burst Exercises Burn Fat for Up to 24 Hours!

How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks

When people look to lose weight through exercises, they often think of doing hours of cardio. Most cardio programs will make you work out 6 days a week doing 90 minute sessions on the treadmill. Who really hast time to work out for 9 hours a week? The truth is most of us have very little time to spare so it is imperative that the workouts we do are as effective as possible.

The perfect alternative for long-duration cardio are short burst exercises. What are they? They are special exercises that last just 15 minutes per session. They keep your metabolism running high for up to 24 hours after each workout. Unlike cardio, short burst workouts burn carbohydrates, this makes it harder for your body to store fat as it would before. This is a big key for long term weight loss.

A great resource for learning how to do short burst exercises properly is the "Fat Burning Furnace" program. Fans of the program call it the "15 Minute Miracle" because the short workouts are so effective. The Fat Burning Furnace also has a unique dieting system called "calorie shifting". It is a way of manipulating the metabolism into burning more calories than it is taking in each day. Thousands of people have already joined the program and have lost more than 25 pounds in just 49 days! Short-burst workouts is the perfect choice for those who don't want to kill themselves at the gym every single day.

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