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Dont Be Ashamed of Your Body Anymore, Check Out the Fat Burning Furnace!

8/19 10:06:40

Don't Be Ashamed of Your Body Anymore, Check Out the Fat Burning Furnace!

How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks

The Fat Burning is a total weight loss program put together by Rob Poulos and his wife Kalen Poulos who were both previously overweight. What makes the Fat Burning Furnace different from any other weight loss program? Simply put you only have to put in half the effort and get twice the results! Rob's unique exercise method called "short burst exercises" have been used by top fitness experts for years yet have not been mainstream. What are these exercises? They are the opposite of cardio, they are only 15 minutes long and target all major body muscles. You'll get a total body workout with just 45 minutes a week. These short burst workouts don't burn calories like cardio, but instead burn carbohydrates, which gives your body a hard time storing fat.

Besides exercise, the Fat Burning Furnace puts a lot of emphasis on a proper diet. Rob pushes that diet contains 80% of your weight loss results, meaning you could be more effective even if you just tackled your diet alone. You would have to do 4x the exercises in order to outdo your diet! The Fat Burning Furnace doesn't require you to count carbs or restrict entire food groups. Rob has found that "calorie shifting" is the most efficient way of losing weight without having to starve yourself. What is calorie shifting? It is a method of manipulating your body into burning more calories by alternating the amount of calories you eat every day. People who have joined the Fat Burning Furnace say this is their favorite part because they don't feel overly restricted like other diets make them feel.

Over 10,000 people have joined Rob's program and on average have lost 26 pounds in just 7 weeks, all while exercising just 45 minutes per week! Included with the Fat Burning Furnace is free weekly newsletters, free email support and free product updates for life. There are many calculator tools like fat percentages to see how your weight loss has progressed.

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