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The Word on HCG Diet Plans

8/19 10:06:04

The idea of losing weight on a crash diet is nothing new and neither are the HCG diet plans, but the difference between the two is still often mired in obscurity. The fact is that on the HCG diet plans--that is, following the protocol developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons--using a low dose of the HCG supplement does call for a brief period of extremely low caloric intake to the tune of 500 calories a day.

Many people try this every day and succeed in shedding plenty of lean muscle mass and become the thinnest fat person on their block, but the introduction of a low level of HCG has been shown to counter the body’s natural tendency to protect the fat stores of the body during periods of caloric deprivation.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that HCG weight loss programs are for the extreme dieter who wants to lose a lot of weight quickly. The difference in this method is that by taking the supplement your body uses the 500 calories to function normally, rather than destroying muscle mass and wreaking havoc on your metabolism.

If someone has been dieting unsuccessfully, metabolism is a major factor in their current weight, with every failed plan or desperate crash session pushing the odds ever further against an overweight dieter. This is one area that HCG targets specifically because a diet that is going to leave the individual larger six months after they stop isn’t a weight loss method; it’s a weight gain method.

No one can accuse the HCG diet plans of being too good to be true, because 500 calories a day isn’t too good, but the years of documented results from HCG dieting speaks pretty well for the "true." If you have weight loss issues and want to jump start on a new, healthy body, this could be an effective way to start.

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