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The HCG Diet Will Help You Lose the Weight

8/19 10:05:34

The HCG diet is no secret. People everywhere are having amazing success with the HCG diet.

You should lose the weight you’ve been meaning to. Your body will thank you for it. Just think of how much easier it will be to buy clothes right off the rack. You won’t have to wear the extra large version of a cut that looks nice on a size 2.

Think of how much easier it will be to try on clothes in public. Just slip them on and off! Think of how much easier it will be to maneuver through department store racks; instead of lumbering around like someone with a disability. That’s exactly what those extra pounds are. They are a disability that leaves you at a disadvantage that is so huge it is almost indescribable. Carrying around extra weight hurts your body, your wallet, and your motivation. Extra weight tends to wear out the cartilage in your knees first. They bear the brunt of the weight most of the time.

Do you experience shortness of breath? Maybe it’s hard to keep up with your kids doing something physical, or it's tiring to you to do what other people your age are doing. Either way, you seem to be doing more resting than you should.

It’s expensive to go to the doctor only to hear him say "Diet and exercise, blah, blah, blah." It’s especially expensive when you get a prescription for the arthritis or some other ailment that you know has been caused by being obese. And who wants to exercise when their overweight, anyway?

Once you put on your big baggy clothes and get your body moving, you realize everything’s rubbing together and you get totally drenched in sweat in the first four minutes, your knees hurt, and it’s hard to breathe. And we all know only skinny people work out at the gym so now you have got to get yourself back home.

Nobody wants to go through the pain and misery of that extraordinary torture. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could just diet and supplement? If you could cut your caloric intake and increase a hormone that your body naturally produces and that led to not only weight loss but a change that changed your life… Why wouldn’t you do it?

The HCG diet is changing the way people live every day. The results are dramatic, with dieters losing about a pound a day. This isn’t like other yo-yo diets because the protocol will actually fix your metabolism and that won’t change once you stop taking the hormone. You will be reprogrammed to ensure success keeping the weight off.

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