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Fat Diets - Can You Lose Weight by Eating Fatty Foods?

8/19 10:05:25

'Fat Diets'... how strange to see those two words together. They seem to be a contradiction in terms! But believe it or not, there are diets that exist today where one is allowed to eat copious amounts of fat, and one can actually lose weight on these diets. We have all been taught and have come to believe that fats are our enemies, and even if we do eat fat, we know it has to be the healthy fats, and very limited amounts of them. On some of these new diets, the facts are to the contrary. One of these so called fat diets is called 'My Big Fat Diet', and before you dismiss the thought straight away, consider the following:

• Scientists have come up with unique ways of dealing with how the body works.
• New facts have emerged about losing weight, and no longer do you have to 'reduce calories' or starve to lose weight.
• On the Big Fat Diet, one is allowed to eat any fat at all, but no carbohydrates and no sugar.
• When the body has zero carbohydrates, it burns the fat that you have consumed, and not one calorie of that fat stays in your body.

So as you can see diets these days have changed, and new 'intelligent' diets have emerged which changes the way we think about our bodies and how they work. Even though the above fat diet does work, it does not suit too many people as they feel they cannot completely cut out carbohydrates.

Another excellent new diet on the market today is becoming so popular, I have seen it mentioned in the media three times already this week. It is called Fatloss4idiots. It is sweeping the world with popularity because it has a unique diet plan which works! Again, it is different to the usual 'low calorie diet', or 'no fat diet'. It is different to other diets in the way that it 'tricks' the body, and the body's metabolism. On any other no fat diet, or low calorie diet, the body quickly adapts to this 'starvation mode' and one's metabolism slows right down, and the weight loss slows down too.

On Fatloss4idiots, one uses the 'shifting calories' method, which means different amounts of calories are eaten at different meals and even on different days. One's metabolism is never 'allowed' to adapt, it does not have time to adapt, as suddenly one will have a higher calorie meal, and one's metabolism will immediately speed up to burn these extra calories.

So as you can see, the new diets of today , such as My Big Fat Diet, and the successful Fatloss4idiots have the scientific research behind them, and the scientists and doctors who back them. Try the Fatloss4idiots diet, it is healthy, you will never be hungry, and the pounds fall off at a fast rate.

Times and results of years of research change, and we should embrace them. You will find Fatloss4idiots here.

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