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The Weight Loss Secret That Youve Never Been Told

8/19 10:05:05

What is the secret to weight loss? Actually there isn't one, different strategies work for different people. But there is one underlying rule that is a must if you want to shed pounds and that is regular physical activity aka exercise.

We are a very sedentary society, which is the reason why so many people have weight issues and struggle to lose weight and then keep it off. Our lives today are less active than they were only ten years ago and much less active than our parents and grandparents. If you want to lose weight you must increase your daily activity. Yes, you also need to watch what you eat, but it begins with more physical activity.

Let's take a look at some modern conveniences that have decreased our activity.

1. TV. The television by far has been the worst invention to date, as far as our waistline is concerned. Our lives revolve around this thing and when we aren't watching it we are playing video games on it.

2. Computer/Internet/Blackberries/Etc. It used to be at the office if you needed a file you got up out of your chair, walked down the hall, got the file walked back to your desk, did your work, and then returned the file by walking it back. Now we just click and it's there, we did nothing.

3. People Movers/Elevators. Yes, they serve a purpose for those who cannot do steps or when you need to get to the 77th floor. But, people use them to go up and down one floor, even though they are completely capable of walking. I was in the airport recently and noticed that you could probably make it to your gate without walking. They have people movers from the time you park your car to the time you get to your gate. The only steps you have to actually take are the few it requires to change people movers.

4. Fast Food. This one competes with the TV for the worst modern convenience. We now have access to fried food 24/7 that can be ordered at one window and is ready before you even drive around the building to pick it up on the other side.

I could go on forever, but the point is that if you want to lose weight you need to move more. You're not going to lose weight by sitting and living the same lifestyle that got you fat. It truly is a lifestyle change. Begin a regular fitness program today and spend 1 hour 3-5 days per week. Saying you don't have time is only an excuse. The average American spends 6.5 hours watching TV per day, I'm sure you can find some TV time to replace with exercise

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You can do it !!

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