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Where Did My Diet Go Wrong? Lifestyle

8/19 10:05:04

Lots of overweight people do not know this, but their lifestyle is the main thing keeping them from losing weight. Do you think a diet is a menu of what you eat and when you eat it? Do you think you can just change your eating habits and start losing pound after pound? Do you think you can keep living the same overweight person's life and not stay overweight? If so, you are terribly wrong.

A big part of you diet's success is your lifestyle. People are not just saying that losing weight takes a lot of commitment, This commitment we are talking about is not only to your menu but to your lifestyle. And the sacrifices we are talking about do not revolve only around what you eat and what you should not eat but also other things you should include or not include in your everyday life - or at least do a lot less frequently then you do. Let's take for example a young guy who would like to lose weight. He might be eating the right kind of food, but if he goes out three time a week, drinking alcohol and getting little sleep - he is sabotaging his own hard work. There is no escaping it, you must commit to your diet in every relevant aspect. Most overweight people (not all of them) are used to be physically inactive.

I'm not saying that you can't be overweight and physically inactive but it is less likely. So, you start a diet, you eat healthier food, you eat less, and you start adjusting yourself. But what about working out? Can you assume that your diet will be efficient without some kind of physical activity? I know it's hard to tell a person who is used to relaxing in front of the TV after a long day of work to get up and start circling the block running.

But there really little chance of really losing weight without it. And one other very important aspect of this is the result you want to get. Say you make yourself to do some work out every 2 or 3 days, Say you set yourself a goal of losing 40 pounds. Say you lost those 40 pound after 2-3 months.

Now what?

If you see your workouts as such a chore, you will just stop when your reach your goal, get back in front of the TV. And slowly start regaining the pounds you just worked so hard on losing. So what other option is there? The best thing you can and should do is make a permanent lifestyle change. You need to accept the fact that due to your habits, physiology, genetics and eating habits you are more likely to get overweight than the average person. So you have to make your life healthier and more active than the average person's. It's our burden as naturally overweight people we must be aware and we must actively take care of this problem of ours.

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