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Fast Weight Loss - Suggested Behavior For Fast Weight Loss

8/19 10:04:56

You have chosen hypnosis to accomplish your goal of fast weight loss. Your overweight body is a drain on your whole system. Getting your weight down is your number one priority. Hypnosis is a positive approach to obtain what you have desired for a long time.

The desire to diet will be neutralized in your mind. Dieting makes you hungry and brings into play the basic instinct for self-preservation that causes you to eat excessively. Hypnosis, that wonderful aid to fast weight loss, will keep you satisfied and will give you a wonderful feeling of well-being

You will want to stop trying to starve your physical body with diet because it doesn't work. Fast weight loss will enable you to live more abundantly. You need to listen to your appetite, not eliminate it and now you can. When your appetite says eat, you will eat and when it says I'm satisfied, you will stop eating.

For the first time in a long time you are ready to initiate a good positive attitude towards food. Hypnosis contributes to fast weight loss, by giving you brand new habit patterns. You will find that you have brand new thoughts and methods of action to make you effective and successful. You have begun the first positive approach to obtaining the healthy body you desire.

As you initiate this positive attitude towards food, you will enjoy eating real food. This will create a positive change in your eating habits. Hypnosis will enable you to make a friend out of your appetite rather than treating it like an enemy thereby making fast weight loss more fun and enjoyable. Hunger will be a normal signal from your appetite.

From this moment on, you will accept the suggestion that you will eat only what you want and will eat only what you need to maintain a normal, healthy body. Fast weight loss demands it. You will abandon all dieting plans immediately and, as you do, you will learn to eat appropriate foods.

As strong as hypnosis is, it can never remove the basic instinct of hunger or the basic instinct of self-preservation. It would be foolish to try to totally remove them. This is not the way to fast weight loss. You will be able to eat all you want and still lose weight. Slim people eat all they want and they do well, so can you.

You will be able to accept the suggestion that you are once again going to be slim and attractive. You need to visualize yourself as the slim, attractive person you soon will be. You will find yourself talking and acting like that person. As you continue in your fast weight loss plan, you'll find that you wants and needs will change. You will become slim, healthy and attractive and you will feel wonderful in every way.

The suggestions you receive in hypnosis will rapidly bring the change you need in your subconscious thinking that not only will insure fast weight loss but will enable you to have that slim, healthy, attractive body you so desperately desire. You will be calm, happy and relaxed. Your weight will come off comfortably and naturally.

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