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5 Fat Loss Diet Tips To A Healthy And Fast Fat Loss

8/19 10:04:13

Actually, I will not show you, what you should eat to lose fat! Instead, I want to show you my 5 tips to a healthy and fast fat lose by eating a regular normal food and a little-known secrets, that most experts will skip! This steps are the ones, that most people overlook!

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Fat loss diet tip #1 - Avoid very low calorie diet!

Do not fall down in very low calorie diets! You can achieve some quick weight loss results and it can reduce your size dramatically but it can works only for a week or two. After the fourth or fifth week you will see the dieting becomes harder and the consequences will be decreased metabolism,
in other words when you eat less, you will burn less.

You will start to use your muscles in the source of energy. Increased activity of fat storing enzymes and hormones and decreased activity of fat burning enzymes and hormones, which mean you will store up fat much more easily in the future.

You will start to binge eating and you become easily depended on appetiters. It will much harder to continue the diet, if you start thinking only food. You will be exposed to gain the losted weight back as soon as you quit the very low calorie diet. This is mostly the starvation diet result.
Which do you prefer? Losing quick 10 pounds per week for few weeks, or losing 2 pounds per week as long as you want?

Fat loss diet tip #2 - How much calories should I eat to a healthy and fast fat lose?

It is obvious, that you have to be in negative calorie balance in order to lose weight. You can cut your calories from foods or you can burn more calories through exercises. I recommend
both, reducing the small amount and increase the activity. The best ways to burn fat is by training with weights and doing some cardio workout. You will effectively increase the metabolism with intense cardio workout and build lean muscle that also help you to boost the metabolism.

How much calories should I reduce? I would recommend to reduce the calories by 500-700 less than your maintenance level. For example if your calorie maintenance level is 2500 calories per day and your calorie deficit is 500, you will be at 2000 calories a day.

This is a healthy and permanent
way to lose fat without losing muscle mass. Always star with a small calorie deficit and then gradually increase the workouts to burn off more calories rather than by reducing calorie intake. Remember, more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.

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Fat loss diet tip #3 - Eat more, burn more

Avoid eating 2 or 3 big meal per day. If you are many hours without food, you will get starving yourself and that can easily lead to a binge eating. Eat smaller portions in every 2 to 3 hours and avoid cravings. You will be surprised by eating more and burn more fat.

Simple by eating smaller meals more frequently is definitely one of the best ways to burn fat and boost your metabolism from dieting. This way, you will also keep your muscle anabolic by feeding them with good quality protein and energy. Simplified this is one of the methods to burn fat gain muscle.

Fat loss diet tip #4 - Keep changing your calorie balance!

Balancing your calorie consumption is the key principle of a long term healthy and fast fat lose. If you follow a calorie deficit with a long period at a time, the fat loss will slow down. And if you let to continue the low calorie diet, your metabolism will slow down substantially and it gets harder
to get into the track.

So, if it seems that you hit the plateau, it is time to raise the calorie intake temporarily. You will give a little shock to your body and it will keep burning the calories normally, sometimes you will burn even more calories when you temporarily raise your calorie intake.
You can cycle the calories between negative and positive in every 5 - 10 days.

Fat loss diet tip #5 - Maximize the fat loss with the proper diet

You should calculate, how much calories you eat. Then you should divide up your daily allotment among the proteins, carbohydrates and fats. With every diet, whether you want to gain weight or lose fat or doing both, always make sure you eat protein at least one gram per pound of bodyweight.

Diets to burn fat is always includes the sufficient amount of lean protein, like tuna, cottage cheese, turkey breast and quality complex carbohydrates, like brown rice, oatmeal, fruits. Carbohydrates and proteins should be eaten together in every meal and they should be in the right balance to lose

However, there are dozens of claims, that you should eat protein and carbohydrates separately. Eat protein with carbs in every 3 hours to maintain the nitro balance. By eating protein (amino acids), you will feed the muscles by driving the amino acid into the muscle cells which requires insulin.

Insulin is secreted most readily in response to eating carbohydrates.

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