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Best Fat Burning Really Fast Calorie Generator - Review of Fat Loss Idiots Diet Plan

8/19 10:04:05

You can now get a very quick burning fat diet plan that does not require you to go on a hunger strike. The fat loss 4 idiots is a loss weight diet program that comes with an automated calorie generator which will work out your daily menu without the hassles of manually calculating the numbers from nutrition charts and tables. This easy to use method to loosing weight is by far the best priced and cheap. It is easily available online and is offered at an affordable cost.

Get Best Calorie Shifting Diet Weight Loss Program

Most people have tried to go on a diet with no success. Infact over 95% of people that have tried to lose weight with conventional diet programs have failed. The successful 5% are the people that know one simple but very crucial secret to effective weight loss.

This fat loss secret is so simple and yet the supplement and pills companies have gone to great lengths to convince you that losing is the next most difficult thing next to climbing Mt. Everest with a limp.

After learning this simple secret to losing pounds of fat, you will begin too understand why weight supplements and pills companies are getting away with murder and making a killing while they are at it. It is painfully easy that you will hit your head on the table for all the money that you spent on this and the other supplement, diet and pills. Heck, some people who I have recommended this program to swear they used to spend $200-$300 a month on supplements.

The secret to overweight cure is simple and goes by the name calorie shifting. Its not the low carb lifestyle diets or the no fat regimens, or the low calorie programs and definitely its not the magic weight loss pills or virtually living in a gym.

Calorie shifting simply means the act of varying calorie content in your foods, such that you are able to switch your metabolism on and off like a light switch. It is being able to harness the great potential of your body’s metabolism rate to work for your and eventually burn all the fat in your thighs, legs, back, chest and love handles.

Metabolism is the process through which calories in food is burnt down to produce energy for use in our bodies. The process is controlled by a hormone produced in our brains. Since we do not have any conscious control of production of the hormone, the brain depends on the recent history of your menu to determine how much of the metabolic rate to produce.

Get Best Calorie Shifting Diet Weight Loss Program

In all cases, the brain produces just enough quantities of the hormone to break down calories found in the food only. It will not touch any fat cells in the body since the fat is seen as the body as storage for a rainy day. Or should I say a dry day.

If for example your normal daily diet contains 2500 calories, your metabolism rate is set to burn down just 2500 calories. If you are feeling overweight and go on an abrupt and strict low calorie diet and reduce it to 1000 calories a day, the system resets the metabolism rate again to just burn 1000 calories. Still, no fat cells are burned whatsoever.

This is what happens when you go on those low calorie, low cab, no fat diet plans. This way, it would take a miracle to shed a pound of fat.

Calorie shifting method employed by the fat loss 4 idiots fool proof calculator randomly varies the calorie content in the food. The result of this random variation of calories in your menu, is that the metabolism rate get confused and errant.

The brain will produce just about any amount of hormone which in turn sustains the metabolic rate to continue burning fat way after all the food in the stomach is used up. This will gradually reduce the fat cells in your body and as the sun rises in the East and sets West, you will start losing pounds upon pounds of fat.

It is always important to know that food is important to your body, it’s never the enemy.

Get Best Calorie Shifting Diet Weight Loss Program


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