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How To Lose Weight – Exercise Tips That’ll Take 5 Minutes A Day

8/19 10:03:45

Do you want some lose weight excercises that only take 5 minutes a day?

Who doesn't?

As time is such a precious commodity these days, it seems many of us put exercise on the backburner, low down on our list of priorities.

This is mainly due to the time wasting 60 minute workouts we are all too familiar with.

Well today in this article I hope to solve that problem by showing you how to lose weight with only 5 minutes of exercise a day.

Lose Weight-Excercise Tip #1: Sprint

Have you ever seen an overweight sprinter?

Of course not, they sport some of the most impressive physiques on the planet.

And all they do is sprint for 3-30 seconds at a time.

Sprinting is brutal, but that is why it is so effective. It boosts our fat loss hormones like nothing else, and sends our metabolism through the roof. So a handful of 40 yard sprints will do more for you than an hour of walking ever will.

Alternatively you could box, skip, run, swim or jump on an exercise bike and go flat out for 20 seconds, rest 20 seconds then go again. Do this a total of 7 times and you will be well and truly fried after only 5 minutes (And your body will be so revved up it will continue burning fat for days afterwards!)

Lose Weight-Exercise Tip #2: Go hard as you can for 5 minutes

Can you remember running the 800 or 1500 at high school?

Well this will bring back some memories!

Grab a stopwatch and jump on an exercise bike, any piece of exercise equipment or for best results go down to the local park and go as fast as you can for 5 minutes straight. Make a note of the distance covered and strive to beat it next week.

Lose Weight-Excercise Tip #3: Lift Heavy

You see if you train hard enough, you only have to train your muscles once a week. Also if you go to complete failure once, that is all you need to reap the benefits.

So if you lift as much weight as is humanly possible for 8-12 reps, that’s all that is required to build muscle, boost your metabolism and burn fat.

And how long would doing 8-12 reps take?

20 seconds.

You could get 3 exercises done in 5 minutes if you were serious.

Lose Weight-Exercise Tip #4: Do only compound lifts

To get the most out of your strength workouts, you can discard isolation exercises than train only one muscle, like bicep curls or triceps kickbacks. This is because your arms are stimulated more efficiently with bigger more complex movements like the bench press or chin ups. So if you are racing for time, you could skip the puny exercises and just focus on the big lifts that deliver the most bang for your buck.

So to sum up, you could definitely start losing weight with only 5 minute of exercise a day. You could strength train every muscle on your body in 2-3, 5 minute strength workouts a week.

In-between these days you could do any of the 5 minute cardio examples I gave you and as long as you watch HOW MUCH you eat, you will begin to see results within a week.

Good luck :)

Just remember though that your diet makes up about 70-80% of your success in losing weight.

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