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Help Me I’m Desperate - How Can I Lose Fat

8/19 10:03:05

Is it you, saying these words? “How can I lose fat, help me I’m desperate!”? Yes, unfortunately, after the vacation there are many people who are in this bad place at the moment. We all had a lovely summer, eating more than we should, especially fast food, and now we sit with these extra pounds to get rid of as fast as possible.

The good news is that with a little work you will be able to lose weight fast. Before all the holidays are on us you can fit into all your clothes again. I think the most important thing is that you must be motivated and keep at it. Simply visualize yourself in all your beautiful clothes and it will happen.

If you are saying “how can I lose fat” the first thing you have to do is look at what you are eating. Start by cutting out all the unhealthy junk food you are eating.

You will be horrified about the amount of calories you consume when you drink a can of soda. The really bad thing about it is that those calories are completely empty calories. It makes you gain weight but it supplies no nutrition. You drink it and than you have to eat as well.

So, concentrate on eating healthy and avoid all “empty” calories. Include lots of vegetables in your eating plan, stick to whole grains and eat only low fat proteins.

Although fruit is healthy, some contain a lot of sugar that can be a problem. This does not mean you have to cut out fruit; you need the nutrition, but limit it to three moderate portions a day.

You need to eat a little fat to help your body absorb the fat soluble nutrients so you must also not cut out fat completely. Limit your fat intake to three teaspoons a day and you should be fine.

So, to your question “how can I lose fat?” the answer is, look at what you are eating, and change to more healthy habits. Add to this some moderate exercise and you should be fine.

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