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Balance Diet

8/19 10:02:50

Many people have a wrong idea about diet, they think that they should eat less or starving themselves in order to lose weight. That is not correct! Starving don’t work and never work, it’s harm to our body and calling on illnesses, because our body was made for eat!

Yes, that’s truth, if our body didn’t eat enough food, then our body will active the survival instinct. Once your survival instinct active, your metabolism will only burn fewer calories, that’s why you will not able to lose weight with starving. Means losing weight is not about starving.

What you is a balance diet! Provide what your body needs! Include the necessary vitamins and minerals that it needs in a day, for the example, fruits, nuts, dried fruits, and vegetables. Also don’t forget to drink a lot of water. Water helps flush out the toxins built up in the body. Drink water at least 8 glasses (2 ½ liters) a day. And you need to stay away from fried foods and junk foods. It’s not a healthy food at all. Remember, balance is the key!

The important rule of diet for losing weight is eating 5 meals a day. Means you should include snacks between your regularly meals. I’m sure you will not believe this statement, but that is the fact! Yes, there are many people overweight because of overeating, but most of them overweight because starving. The key here is speed up your metabolism! Eat 5 meals a day will help you to speed up your metabolism, and you will be able to lose weight quickly because your metabolism burn calories faster. And of course, you can’t eat what you want! Back to the previous, provide your body with necessary vitamins and minerals! Or you can the calorie shifting diet to help you speed up your metabolism.

And exercise always recommended. But what is the best exercise for losing weight? Yes, Walking! Walking will help you to better absorb all the nutrients and minerals the body needs. Walking is one on the best and easiest forms of exercise.

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