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Diet Six Days A Week – The Day Off Diet Review

8/19 10:02:47

Dieting is a pain! There is no doubt about it. Even the thought of going on a diet makes you hungry and angry. Why is it that there are people who can eat whatever they want without gaining a pound while you watch what you eat and exercise and stay at the same weight or continue to gain weight.

Maybe you have tried some of the fad diets out there and maybe even had a little success with them…but the weight always winds up coming back. And why does it seem that you can diet and exercise for what seems like months to lose the weight but you can gain it all back in a few short weeks? It doesn’t seem fair does it?

Or have you ever dieted and gotten so close to your goal weight that you could almost taste it? Then you “hit the wall” and you can’t seem to lose an ounce for the life of you. You could try eating air and you would still stay steady at that sticking point. So frustrating!

You do believe in eating healthy and you know that exercise is good. But on the other hand you want to have a life again! You want to be able to go out to eat at a restaurant and eat something other than the salad. You want to be able to live your life without working your life around a workout schedule. You don’t want to feel guilty and have to do an extra hour of cardio because you wanted to have a piece of cake at your child’s birthday party. You just want to live your life.

There is a way to diet and have a life at the same time though. This technique isn’t something new and I have a friend who practiced this method back ten years ago very successfully. The authors of The Day Off Diet have perfected the system in this book and it seems to be catching on and working wonders for many people. It is no great surprise though since I knew of this diet back ten years ago.

The way The Day Off Diet works is that you stick to a regimen of food prescribed in the diet that actually work to boost your metabolism…food that help your body to burn fat, essentially and thus lose weight. As you know, it is usually in the beginning of the diet when you lose weight quickly. It’s great…you feel good…you feel confident…and then you hit the wall and get “stuck” and can’t seem to lose weight to save your life.

This is when the “day off” part of The Day Off Diet comes into play. On your “day off” you are allowed to eat as you normally would. So no more torturing yourself thinking that you will never be able to eat chocolate cake or ice cream or break….yeah, yummy bread with melted butter! All you have to do is wait until your day off and you can eat these things again.

By taking the “day off” and eating normally again you are actually helping your system to lose weight and almost “breaking down” that wall that stood between you and your ideal weight. The Day Off Diet Homepage goes into more detail and explains all of this better than I could ever hope to telling you exactly how and why this method works so well. Like I said, it’s a combination of eating the right food combination's to help your body to change so it will burn fat…and then the “day off” of the diet which almost seems to supercharge things and helps you to avoid the frustration of stalling short of your ideal weight.

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