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Lose Weight Quickly And Easily By Adjusting Your Metabolism

8/19 10:02:46

Everyone that starts a diet does so with the enthusiasm and optimism of a marathon runner. Whether it be New Years resolutions or just a determination to lose weight for health or personal reasons, everyone starts off their diet thinking that they are going to lose all the weight that they desire and keep it off.

Sadly, most wind up becoming frustrated before they are halfway done and relapse only to gain back more weight than they had lost. This can lead to a downward spiral and feeling of low self worth. Not just because of they are back at the same weight that they were (or worse) but simply because they failed at something that was so important to them.

The reason why so many fail at any chosen diet is actually easy to see once you know something about the human body and the way it acts and reacts when you start denying it what it needs. It is not a lack of willpower that causes many to go off a diet but simply your body rebelling against what you are trying to do….it is your body attempting to preserve itself and keep itself alive. I am not saying that your body is trying to remain fat but that it thinks that it’s fighting for your life.

You see, when you deny your body the calories that it needs to maintain initially it begins to burn excess fat. One you get to a certain point things begin to change and your body naturally thinks that there is some sort of food shortage so it begins to preserve some of your fat stores and instead begins to burn muscle. This is why you might find that you can lose weight initially when you start a diet but soon you stop losing weight.

What your body also does is to slow your metabolism in an attempt to conserve energy and thus keep from burning up the little food supply that you have in the form of fat and muscle. This is why when you grow frustrated and go off a diet you will gain the lost weight back very quickly…and chances are you will gain back more weight than you had lost.

So, you can see, you are actually setting yourself up to fail by following any of the low calorie diets that many people traditionally use to lose weight. But in actuality you are slowing down your metabolism and making matter worse than they were before.

But what if there was a way to speed your metabolism up so you burn fat, lose weight and wind up with the metabolism that you always dreamed of? The type of metabolism that your friends have who can eat just about anything that they want without gaining a pound.

Once it was thought that you had to live with the metabolism that you were born with. Fat people had a slow body metabolism while skinny people had a fast body metabolism. This is not necessarily so. There are things that can be done to help improve your body metabolism and make it possible to boost your metabolism.

The best methods that we have found are in the book “Fat Free Fast” by Karin Cooper. In her book Karin Cooper will lay out for you in an easy to understand way a technique that she found to crank up your body’s metabolism. Her methods are wholly natural and use your body’s own chemicals to change what you always thought could never be changed. “Fat Free Fast” will explain how it all works and shows you what foods to eat and when to bring about this change in your body.

The only warning that you should heed is that it is very important to watch how much weight you are losing. If you begin to lose too much weight too quickly you are advised to go off the diet for a few days to allow your body to slow down a little bit since it is possible to cause other health problems if you lose weight too quickly. It is suggested that you stick to about 12 to 14 pounds a week tops.

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