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Even Aliens Count Their Calories

8/19 10:02:33



It's amazing what humans eat. There's animal ears, tails, tongues, hearts, lungs, kidneys, feet, claws, skin, even stomachs.


As well as beef, lamb and chicken flesh, people in various countries eat rats, mice, dogs, horses, rabbits, hares, frogs, deer, grasshoppers, ants, snakes, buffaloes, kangaroos and crocodiles. People even drink blood or eat it as a jelly.


Bird food includes sparrows, larks, emus and ducks. Insects include ants and witchery grubs. Fish food includes egg roe, whelks, cockles and eels.


It doesn't matter what part of the world you live in, you can be sure there's something weird around that people find acceptable dining.


The list is long. There are many other menu items. It's been that way throughout history.


People have even eaten each other and it's rumoured that this still goes on in certain parts of the world.


Sometimes the taste comparisons between people are amusing. For example, Asian friends of mine who eat prawn heads, field mice and rats were totally shocked when I introduced them to black pudding. They found it disgusting yet for me it is as acceptable as bacon.


I'm not a vegetarian but it still amazes me how we earth creatures eat each other, usually in the dead state and sometimes while still alive.


I wonder what aliens on other planets do, for they ARE out there. Do they eat each other? Maybe they don't need to eat, which would be a perfect type of weight control. Perhaps they eat other aliens. Maybe one day when we eventually meet each other they will get a taste for humans – or black pudding.


My point is that whatever you eat – whether it be another person, a mouse or a grasshopper – you need to count the calories. Calories in excess to your body's requirements means excess weight.


I'm sure even aliens count their calories.







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