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Obesity Solution – How to Stop Late Night Cravings

8/19 10:02:31

Stop late night cravings is one of my goal as the only night hawk in my family (usually I am going to bed around 1 AM) and if late night activities is part of your lifestyle then probably you have the same problem like I do.

Food cravings is intense desire to consume a certain food; for some reasons, it seems that it mostly involved sweets like chocolate, ice cream, cookies, etc. Note that a craving is NOT hunger or indicate any nutritional need so you cannot satisfy your cravings by eat other foods that have similar nutrients.

Food cravings become harder to control at late night because after a day full of works and stress, somehow you will feel the urge to treat yourself something delicious. Usually, for an American, "delicious" equal to sugar and saturated fats. Do this every day and it will lead you straight to obesity problem; that is why how to stop late night cravings is categorized as one of the obesity solution.

These are some tricks you can try to stop late night cravings:

1. Iron will

Simply said, refuse the urge and force yourself not to eat anything. Remember that food cravings does not indicate any nutritional needs; it simply emotional desire, so if you can ignore it, you have nothing to lose. This is the simplest yet the hardest method.

2. Create a condition where it is hard for you to eat

For example, put a beauty mask that dry and harden when you wear them; it will be hard to simply open your mouth with these on. Another example is using teeth whitening strips; this will also prevent you to eat since your teeth are coated in plastic. This method is better but it still a stressful way to stop late night cravings.

3. Substitute it with low calories or healthier foods

As stated before, you cannot satisfy your craving by eating other foods but being full can really help you fight it. Choose low calorie snacks such as K Chocolate Chips Bar, Sugar Free Jell-O, and Carrot Snack Pack. Other healthier choices are tomato or vegetable juices, skim milk, and raw vegetables. Some people find that drinking water or green tea can help as well.

4. Keep yourself busy

It is a cliché method and I know it will not be as easy as it may seem but it works. The key is stay away from the kitchen after dinner time and find activities that you like inside or outside the house. I am an online gamer, so keep my hand at my keyboard and mouse in order to keep my character stays alive can distract my attention from foods. You can do many other activities such as swimming, basket ball, billiard, puzzle, etc. Just pick any activities that will keep your hand busy, which means watching TV or DVD's is not an option. This method can be used to overcome emotional eating as well, so you can say that it is one of the best obesity solution.

5. Break your meal to five little portion

Breaking your meals into more frequent smaller portion will help you to stay away from snacks due to the shorter time between meals. It will also keep blood sugar level which will help you control your appetite.

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