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Fat Burning Furnace - How to Loss Stomach Fat Fast and Shrink Those Love Handles!

8/19 10:02:12

Fat Burning Furnace - How to Loss Stomach Fat Fast and Shrink Those Love Handles!

Learn How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks!

Wondering how to loss stomach fat fast? First off, focus on what workouts you are doing, if you are doing mostly crunches, this will get you nowhere!

More Time Working Out Does Not Mean More Results

The majority of people trying to lose weight still practice "long duration" exercises when in fact this is one of the worst ways to exercise. Recent studies show that for efficient weight loss, short-burst exercises are the way to go.

Cardio Workouts vs. Short Burst Exercises

The first is that when you exercise at a moderate pace for an hour or more, your body only burns fat during the workout, the fat burning doesn't continue after you stop. Long duration exercises actually send a signal to your body telling it to store fat until you do another long duration workout. The truth of the matter is that you need to start focusing on high intensity, short-burst workouts. These are usually only 15 minutes long, can be done 2 or 3 times a week and if done for 7 weeks can make you lose 26 pounds.

What Makes These Workouts Different?

The key is that these types of exercises do not burn fat, they burn carbohydrates! This will cause the body to burn calories for the next 24 hours, even though you are not on the treadmill. The problem is that you need to do these exercises correctly in order for them to be effective. Rob Poulos has released a program called "The Fat Burning Furnace" that explains how to do the exercises step by step as well as teach you a new eating system that also burns calories more efficiently. The Fat Burning Furnace is the beginning of a new wave of diet and exercise systems that only require half the effort of conventional programs, yet deliver twice the results. If you want to learn how to loss stomach fat fast with these special workouts, take a look at the Fat Burning Furnace Guide.

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