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Fat Burning Furnace - Are Your Long Cardio Workouts Making You Fatter?

8/19 10:01:09

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Are Your Long Cardio Workouts Making You Fatter? Most people think they need cardio to achieve their weight loss goals when in reality, cardio is one of the worst exercises for losing fat. Studies done at Purdue University and many other institutions, have proven time and time again that short-burst exercises outdo cardio workouts.

Did you know that when you finish a cardio session your body sends a signal telling it to store fat until your next cardio workout? On the other hand with short-burst exercises, your body burns carbohydrates, making it harder for your body to store fat. On top of that, short-burst exercises will keep your metabolism burning high up to 24 hours after the workout is done, something cardio cannot do. A great program that fully explains how short-burst exercises should be properly done is Rob Poulo's "The Fat Burning Furnace.

Rob's goal in the creation of the program was to give average people with busy schedules the opportunity to lose weight with the small amount of time they have. The core of the program surrounds just three 15 minute workouts a week that while being short are intense and will give you even better results than if you doing hours of cardio at the gym.

If you want to lose big amounts of weight but want to do it the easy way, meaning no starving and only using the most effective exercise techniques, the Fat Burning Furnace will give you all of the tools you need to not only lose the fat but also revive your metabolism so that it is always burning big amounts of fat 24 hours a day.

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