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How Many Calories Can I Eat and Still Lose Weight?

8/19 9:58:05

Losing weight is never easy. One of the hardest things that people are told to do on a diet is to reduce their calorie intake dramatically. This involves cutting out many of their favorite foods and choosing low calorie versions instead.

So How Many Calories Can I Eat and Still Lose Weight?

The amount of calories that people can eat on a diet varies from person to person. If you are used to taking in a specific amount of calories and then reduce that calorie amount to less calories than you require then you will lose weight. The important part is how much you reduce your calorie intake by.

Some people to choose to lose weight really fat by going on a very restricted low calorie diet such as the maple syrup diet which only provides around 300 calories per day. This is way below the recommended daily intake for a healthy person.

A healthy person with a normal weight is advised to take in around 2000 for a woman and 2500 for a man. The amounts are not suitable for someone who has weight to lose and is overweight. They should be making sure that they reduce their calorie intake enough so that they actually start to burn fat.

How does the fat burning process work?

When someone takes in less calories than they are using their body starts to burn fat to provide energy that it is not receiving from food. The less calories you take in the more fat you will have to burn to stay functioning normally.

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