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What is Best Fat Loss Workout

8/19 9:57:04

There are many perceptions on what the most effective fat loss workouts should contain. The popular thought is that fat loss workouts should contain extremely intense exercises. Believe it or not, very intense exercise will not burn fat.

Very intense exercise is good for improving your cardiovascular conditioning, but burning fat actually occurs at a LOWER level of intensity. Here are two low intensity fat loss workouts which will actually provide you with the results you desire.

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1. Jumping Jacks

It seems so simple, right? I mean, all you need to do is some jumping jacks every day and you will start dropping weight, right? This may be the part where you're expecting me to say "no, it is much more complicated". But it REALLY is that simple! Do as many jumping jacks as you can in 3 minutes every day. You will be burning loads of calories, and you will begin to see a difference.

2. Burpees!

If you have EVER done an exercise more fun than burpees, please leave let me know about it by leaving a comment. Ask anyone I give weight loss advice to, and they will tell you I am burpee crazy. This is a great way to get a light full body workout in less than 10 minutes. Start with 3 sets of 10 and then increase your reps as you get better at them. Now that you know about these workouts, you need to actually implement them. You will not get any slimmer by just knowing about them! Action is VITAL.

If you feel like you're getting DRIVEN UP THE WALL by the same old USELESS weight loss advice... such as "Drink a lot of water, eat less calories, exercise more...", then...

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