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Healthy Weight Loss Habits

8/19 9:57:04

It isn't about just weight loss anymore is it? We want the whole ball o' wax! We want to not only lose the flab hanging around the belly, but have chiseled body builder abs. We want to have shapely arms and thighs that don't thunder! We are talking about fat loss that includes sensible dieting and a workout designed to burn fat and tone muscles.

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Talk to any athlete and they will tell you that good food is just part of the diet. When in training an Olympic athlete will not eat "junk food" but each and every calorie is planned with precision. It is not by accident that they have strength and endurance. They pay a price of long hours or training and a diet that won't let up.

For the rest of us, we don't need Olympic athlete dedication to diet or exercise, but we can take some hints. Eating a diet of sensible food with the occasional treat just makes sense! We trick ourselves into thinking that that second jelly filled Pershing won't make a difference, but it does, especially if we don't get up off our proverbial and exercise.

So while we don't ever intend to get as fit as a professional athlete, we can achieve similar result with far less time. Concentrating on a few workouts that contain a variety of exercises aimed at our belly but hitting the other major muscle groups, will go a long way toward a fit, trim bod. Not only that, but these workouts don't need to last more than 45 minutes, 3 times a week - or split up into smaller chunks if you can't spare 45 minutes to a stretch.

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Perhaps you have heard of interval training. There is no mistake that it is turning out to be the best type of workout for the part time athlete and full time athlete as well. You can do less training and achieve better tone and strength on less time when you break up your aerobic workouts with sprints and spurts of harder exercise thrown in.

The secret to quick fat loss is to build muscle. Period. Muscle needs to have access to energy to build and maintain tone and strength. The more muscle mass you have the more energy you need to keep it up. So it stands to reason that if you want to lose fat, you must build muscle and that is where weight training comes in. Also called resistance training, you can do this part of your 45 minute workout.

Just remember to build muscle carefully. Even if you are not a body builder, you need to follow the rules of the road. Give your muscles a two day rest between workouts. Plan your workout to use different sets of muscles each time so you get a more "bang for your exercise buck"!

Athletes are not some gifted group of folks that are destined to by muscular and fit. It takes work to get what they have. But the secret here is that you don't have to work out as hard as they do to get the fitness that is best for you. Take each day one step at a time and add a new good habit of exercise or sensible eating and you will go a long way toward having a tight gut and slender thighs.

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