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Lose Weight and Burn Stomach Fat

8/19 9:56:41

If you're looking to lose weight quickly, today I'm going to show you how to burn stomach fat like an incinerator.  I'm just going to go over a few simple, but highly effective techniques.  If you commit to doing these methods, you'll eliminate quite a bit of flab from your stomach.

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How To Burn Stomach Fat

Do belly rubs

This may sound absurd, but it works.  Rubbing circles all around your stomach with 1 hand, or even both hands, helps you burn fat from your stomach in two very important ways.

First, the circular motion of your hands helps to speed up your digestive system.  So, with a more efficient digestive system, your body is better able to break down food and get rid of waste.  And this is great for burning up fat and losing weight.

Secondly, if you rub your hands together quickly for about 10-15 seconds, there will be friction, or energy, generated from your hands.  When you rub your stomach after doing this, the energy will make its way through your skin and down into your fat cells. 

When this happens, the heat will break up the infrastructure of the fat cells.  When these fat cells get busted up, they eventually get released into the blood stream and finally flushed out of your body.

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Do squats with weights

This is a great exercise, but it may too advanced for some people.  And using weights won't make you ladies look all bulky.

Now, just pick a weight you feel comfortable lifting for about 15 repetitions maximum. Then, try to do them for 20 repetitions.

You may wonder what the point of that is.  Let me explain.  After you have completed about 10 repetitions, just start taking very deep breaths between each successive repetition.  This will enable you to recover from the last repetition.  And the additional oxygen will create an oxygen deficit in your body.  Then your body will start burning fat like an incinerator.

On top of that, your body will start increasing production of human growth hormones.  This is another thing that is great for losing weight.

You only need to do 1 set of this each week.  Try to add a little weight every time you do this.

So, if you were wondering how to burn stomach fat fast, those are 2 of the best ways to do it.

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