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Can You Lose Weight In A Week? The 2 Methods You Should Know About

8/19 9:56:37

These methods of how you can lose weight in a week, which I am going to show you, will make you be able to reshape your metabolic rate as well as making you burn your fat hysterically. Your body will be left with no options but to get rid of your extra fat which it has been keeping in case of no food available.

How Can You Lose Weight In A Week?

1. First and foremost, your body may contain 5 pounds of water weight or maybe even more. This water weight need to be discarded from your body. To discard this water weight, you need to drink plenty of water.

Here is the truth about water weight. Our body hold on to water weight for emergencies. Why? Because our body thinks that in our life today, we are short of water, so it preserve the water weight to ensure our survival. By hanging on to the water weight, people will just look bloated as well as look fat.

So, you need to lose the water weight to lose your pounds. And how do you do it? Simple. Trick your body so that your body thinks that there are plenty of water available, and it is of no use to carry and to preserve the water weight.

To do this, you need to drink plenty of water. By doing so, your body will have the impression that there are plenty of water available and it is of no use to carry the surplus water weight, so your body will get rid of the water weight. The elimination of the water weight is also quite fast.

If you drink about 3.8 liters of water daily, you will easily lose about 5 pounds of your water weight in just about four days.

Also, by drinking plenty of water, your metabolic rate will rise and you can burn more calories and lose weight in a week, just by drinking plenty water. It is also good to keep you hydrated and helps your internal organs such as your kidneys to function properly.

2. Our body contain a minimum of 5-10 pounds of clogged up fecal matter and putrefied wastes. Are your surprise by this fact? Do not be. In fact, if you are an overweight person with a surplus weight of 25 pounds or more, you might even have much more wastes than that. Why does this happen? It is all because of these wastes are not properly digested.

To overcome this problem, you need to consume plenty of fiber. Get a minimum of 40 grams of fiber daily. You can obtain fiber by eating fruits such as pear, dates, dried prunes, oranges etc.

Eating 1 medium pear will provide you with about 5.1 grams of fiber. Eating 5 dates will provide you with 3.3 grams of fiber and eating 5 dried prunes will provide you with 3 grams of fiber. 1 small orange will provide you with 3.1 grams of fiber.

Fiber shall assist in eliminating your wastes. However, it may be time consuming as your wastes are strongly hold in your body due to the many years of your dietary ignorance. From today onwards be steady with the getting of the 40 grams or more fiber daily and gradually but certainly your wastes will be loosened up and flushed out.

These methods to lose weight in a week is a healthy and safe way to lose your weight. Start doing it today.

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