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Eat Fat Look Thin

8/19 9:56:34

If you had a nickel for every new weight loss program or fad diet that came and went. Well, you could probably buy the new body you've always wanted. But, since the only people making money on weight loss programs are those promoting the programs.

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And since two-thirds of Americans are now officially overweight. I thought I might offer you something I've seen work time and time over. Most of us have been conditioned to resist it because it's counter intuitive. But I've seen it work both for myself and for others. Eating fat curbs your cravings. Eat fat without sugar and lose the weight.

Most experts on weight loss are split between two schools of thought. The first is that to lose weight, you must maintain a low-fat diet and increase your level of excercise. The other school of thought is that to lose weight you must monitor your calories and maintain a diet with a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. While also increasing your level of excercise.

For twenty years I've been losing and gaining weight. While also working with thousands of people who I've watched lose and gain weight, repeatedly, over and over. During this time we've all been told to limit our fats and increase our lifestyle. It hardly ever works.

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For most of us, it just plain doesn't work. The average American requires around 2,000 calories per day. It's true that in order to achieve weight loss, you must burn more calories than you take in. Most people achieve this by substantially reducing their caloric intake. This however, can only be maintained for a short time before your body goes into crisis intervention mode and eventually you will succomb to gorging yourself on foods high in fat, sugar and salt.

Human evolutionary survival relied on our bodies being able to store fat. However, on most continents our ancestors relied on a diet based on meat and vegetables, with fruits in the warm season. Sugars, such as honey, were are rare treat and you would have to risk the swarm of an angry beehive to get at it.

Today Americans still get a great deal of their calories from meat. But we have displaced vegetables, which are extremely high in vitamins and minerals, with carbohydrates which aren't. What I've observed over the years, is that diets high in carbohydrates; while they are usually low in fat. Create dramatic spikes in blood sugar levels. High then low. This is can turn into a vicious cycle because you eat a meal rich in carbs. Your blood sugar spikes. You feel great. Then it plummets nearly as fast and your left feeling sluggish, tired, maybe even depressed.

What is the quickest, surest way back to feeling good. Eat more carbohydrates and sugary foods. You'll find yourself eating more, more often which leads to excessive calorie intake. Which leads to fat storage, which leads to an expanding waist line.

I believe sugar is addictive. If you catch yourself having the "mid-afternoon blues." You may know what I'm talking about. Shakes, Cravings. Feeling like if you don't get something in you, you're going to either fall asleep or die, or both. I used to always want a cookie or some other delicious treat during the afternoon.

It wasn't until I fully cleaned out my system, reset my hypothalumus and metabolism. And then learned to rely on fats, proteins, vegetables, and then healthy carbohydrates as a way to nourish myself. That I was able to lose the weight and keep it off. Now I find the more fat I eat. The less I crave sugar and the better I feel.

I do eat healthy. Good fats. Good meats. Organic local fruits and vegetables when I can get them. And yes I do still like to have a triple chocolate death-by-delight every once in a while. But it leaves me feeling like a hangover.

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