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Avoid Bad Eating Habits

8/19 9:55:42

Getting started on dieting can be challenging. It will make simple changes that can make a world of difference to our health. However diet is the best way to lose excessive body weight that you don’t want. And the loss of this excess body fat makes us feel better and healthier.

The basic of dieting is right eating habit or avoiding a bad eating habit. Avoiding a bad eating habit can help you to stay away from risk of having diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart diseases, and of course excess body fat.

The following are the bad eating habits:
- Eat when you what you want to avoid mental, emotional, or spiritual problem
Well, excessive intake of food does not give a solution to your mental emotional or spiritual problem, but only lead to an increase in the body fat, since we consume more food than is needed for the body functions and performance. And the excess food will be stored in the body as a FAT.

- Eat when you are not hungry
Your body has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. The body either stores or wastes a certain amount of calories, while it is converting your food into fuel and carrying out all other functions, which is needed for sustenance of life. The body operates in two mode - the conservative and wasteful mode. In the conservative mode, the metabolism are slow and sluggish, this helps to protect you against the loss of protein or fat in time of famine, but when there has excess food in the body, this slow down leads to easy weight gain.

- Not eating when you are hungry
When we take in little or no food, for fear of being overweight, you stop to provide your body with the necessary nutrient needed for survival. This is not healthy and it can lead many serious illness.

Now you know about the bad eating habits, all you need to do is avoid it!!!

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