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Boost Your Metabolism - Lose Weight Faster

8/19 9:55:29

Are your weight loss diets failing time and again? If you have been browsing health forums, you must have heard of a high protein diet. Everywhere you go, as long as you continue to hang out with fitness enthusiasts, you will see them consuming high protein diets.

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Now why is having a high protein diet so important?

As you know, protein is what your muscles need to grow. When we workout, we are trying to increase our lean muscle mass. Having more lean muscles will boost our metabolism. We start to feel more energized as we continue to workout. A higher metabolic rate means the body is better at converting food and oxygen into energy. Fatigue and tiredness become a thing of the past.

During a workout, our muscles don't grow. Exercises place the necessary stress on the muscles and help them grow. Due to the workouts, our muscles start to grow. Your muscles will repair and grow after the completion of the exercises.

Remember those sore muscles the next day after an intense workout? That is a sign that your muscles are repairing and growing. A quick recovery is necessary if you wish to continue at the intensity that you are training. When your muscles are still sore, it's best not to continue working on those muscles. If you really wish to workout, try to exercise another part of the body. If you continue to stress sore muscles, that may lead to injuries.

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The primary idea here is to ensure that you recovery quickly enough to go on with your training. As you grow fitter, you will take less time to recover. That is fitness.

But it isn't always the case that we can consume the amount of proteins that we want. We consume protein in our meals everyday. The average lay person doesn't count the amount of proteins that they consume. The amount of proteins you should consume depends on how much you weight. For instance, if you weight 120 pounds, then you should eat 120g of proteins daily.

Body conditioning takes place when you prevent your body from starving by taking smaller meals. This will help super charge your metabolism. You don't want your body to start storing fat. It does so simply because it doesn't know when the next meal is coming!

Therefore, it's always better to consume 6 small meals instead of the usual 3 meals - breakfast lunch and dinner. That usually means eating something every 3 to 4 hours. Calculate your protein needs for each meal by dividing your protein needs by the number of meals for the day.

6 meals sound like a lot to some people, so you may wish to replace a meal or two with protein shakes. This will help supplement your protein needs. Never skip a meal as that will affect your protein level for the day.

Protein shakes are easy to prepare so you shouldn't have any excuse for not taking enough protein. Use a blender and mix ice cubes and water with the protein powder and you have your protein shakes ready. It's easy to get addicted to the taste that you love!

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